How to start Desi Cuppa franchise in india


Desi Cuppa franchise cost in India

Each thing arranged at Dessi Cuppa has its possess signature formula and is delicious, new and arranged by experts The word Dessi Cuppa has been inferred from a Sanskrit word deshi. It implies it is an innate item. Within the Western world, by and large, south Asians allude themselves or their nourishment, as desi. Desi Drinks have deshi impact. That they are true drinks from India. Cuppa implies a glass of any juice or delicate drink.

The most items served at Desi Cuppa retail juice store are Lassi, Shakes, Smoothie, Cold Coffee, Juice, Krushers, Ice Cream, etc. At the show, Desi Cuppa retail outlets are shown in Kerala, Bangalore, Mumbai. Directly, the company is looking to extending they organize all through India.

The investment required to become Desi Cuppa Franchise

Area Required: 200 Sq.Ft.
Investment: 13 Lakhs.
Royalty Fee: N/A
Return On Investment: N/A

Benefits of Desi Cuppa Franchise

  • As the center item is ‘LASSI’ – India’s most devouring beverage.
  • Its Healthyfresh, traditionally brewed & Normal LASSI.
  • Customers get truly energized LASSI AND MOCKTAILS in a single Menu
  • Our LASSI AND MOCKTAILS Formula and equation is demonstrated by millions of customers.
  • Traditional but modern LASSI AND MOCKTAILS
  • High Potential commerce thought for which clients are each where
  • The concept is outlined in such a way that it is exceptionally simple to oversee by any individual who takes the establishment.

Contact to get Desi Cuppa Franchise

Contact their officials at the following address:

H.No.11-13-190, Ground floor,
Beside ICICI Bank,
Green Hills Colony, Road No.1,
Kothapet, Hyderabad – 500 095

Phone Number
Santhosh: +91 9908717777
Pradeep: +91 9640888896

Email Address
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