Royal Enfield Dealership Franchise

Detailed Information

Royal Enfield Dealership Franchise in India

If you want to become one of the owners of Royal Enfield Dealership franchise in India then scroll down to register. Royal Enfield company was basically rooted from England which was widened later across different countries like Germany, USA, Japan and France. The company owns a history of 120 years. Today Royal Enfield motorbikes are popular among all other bikes in India. Dealers in India are proud to own a Royal Enfield showroom franchise.


Investments on Royal Enfield Dealership Franchise

One of the main gene that makes Royal Enfield dealership a profitable one is the well-established brand name it has earned across the world. The caliber offering of the product is of such high levels that the vehicle is capable of a long life story despite the badness route conditions and environmental factors. The other major factor is the prestige symbolic representation it stands for which makes the owners of the vehicle feel proud to drive it. Royal Enfiled franchise cost in India varies from 1 lakh to 50 lakh rupees.

Royal Enfield maintains Uncompromised quality in manufacturing motorbikes and a good service for long years. therefore Royal Enfield stands out among all the other competitive motorbikes. Channel Partner India helps the Franchise Seekers to buy their dream Franchise easily

Royal Enfield Dealership Franchise Details

Area required: 4000 Sq Ft.
Investment: 1 lakh to 50 lakh rupees
Royalty fees: 5% of total gross sales per month
Return on Investment: 15%

An Interested Candidate can fill up the details such as initial investment, Personal details such as mobile number, mail ID, and Address to Apply for Royal Enfield Franchisee. Royal Enfield provides complete support in choosing space, management training and knowledge of bike models. Buying the Royal Enfield Showroom franchise is easy by understanding the Royal Enfield management Norms. Royal Enfield company ask for the financial and personal portfolio of the dealer who wants to buy the franchise. Once the Application is validated by the company, the dealership will be granted to franchise seeker

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