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Philips Franchise in India

Philips is one of the Lighting company which has always given an Environmental friendly Products to customers. Philips not only produces Home appliances but also make a business from Interior Lightings and Service support. Philips was started in 1891 and started their establishment by providing franchise to people all over India. Philips has its own standards maintained in India. Philips sells quality products to their customers which makes the company grow big with name and fame.

Philips now own 130 to 150 Outlets all over India by making profitable business all over India. People are now purchasing Philips franchise because of its brand that has been created in the Indian market. Purchasing Philips Franchise would be a great opportunity to the people who are looking for small term Investments.

philipsInvestment for Philips Franchise in India

Philips franchise takes all types of Interior lighting works for kitchen, Dining hall, Bedrooms. Philips also expertise in Interior decorations which is more trending now. People look for Philips Franchise because of its standard products and trusted service. Investment in Philips franchise will never gain loss in Business. The profits are high for Philips franchise.

Philips Franchise Details

Area required: 500 – 800 Sq. Ft.
Investment: 30 lakh to 50 lakh rupees
Royalty fees: N/A
Return on Investment: N/A

Benefits of Becoming a Philips Franchise in India

Philips has a very promising history to rule the business in Indian market. Philips company started producing lighting appliances after 1990’s. The struggled a lot in facing competitors as well as the challenges they face to survive in India. Philips company hold a standard practice of maintaining Quality products and service to their customers

The Philips company has now started franchising all over India with the count for more than 150 franchises in India. which denotes a milestone in the history of a Lighting Appliances and Interior design. The Philips franchise would bring more profit when its maintained properly from experienced hands.

Apply for Philips Franchise Online or by Contacting Nearest Philips Head office. The interested dealer should provide required details like individual profile, floor space of franchise, Investment plans. Channel Partner India help franchise seekers to buy Philips franchise Online.

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