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NIIT Education Franchise in India

NIIT is one of the leading Global Talent Development Corporation, mainly focused on providing Indian business with trained human resources. Today, the part of education and learning plays a vital role in a students life. Knowledge of computer has become one of the important subjects in academic. It adds positive value to the person who is highly educated. A student should obtain the knowledge of computer still she/he is highly educated.


Investment for NIIT Educational Franchise in India

NIIT Franchise is one of the reason for brand establishment. The facilities have been provided of professional with high facilities and training courses. The Location plays a very important role in deciding the capacity of the student in the franchise center. It also provides the material for Franchise that designed by NIIT.It may also help for the student to get best tutors from the franchise. Education qualification that is individual should be Graduate in any discipline. A financial qualification that is One should have the ability to organize resources through internal and external means. An individual should have the capability to invest around 50-60 percent of the total project amount.

NIIT Educational Franchise Details

Area required: 1500 to 3000 square feet.
Investment: 15 to 40 Lakhs.
Royalty fees: N/A.
Return on Investment: 30% of the venture for a minimum of 1.5 to 2 years.

Benefits of Becoming NIIT Educational Franchise

  • NIIT was started in 1981. The Aim of NIIT is to educate about computer knowledge.
  • It was recognized as one of the leading Global Talent Development Corporation.
  • It mainly focuses on providing the Indian business with a trained human resource.
  • NIIT trained students are mainly from the fields like IT, Banking, Insurance, and Finance. They also provide training in the field of Business process management, Vocational skills, Executive Management Association.
  • NIIT was awarded for oriented courses. Ex: NIIT was awarded as Year Award for Education and Information Technology by Franchise plus Magazine.