Natural Ice Cream Franchise

Detailed Information

Natural Ice Cream Franchise

Natural Ice Cream is made from 100-percent new natural products characteristic fixings are presently seeking out for Characteristic Ice Cream establishment, It is one of the speediest developing Natural Ice Cream establishment businesses in India nowadays.
natural ice cream

Natural Ice-Cream is most trusted FMCG player, the company is devoted a critical sum of its assets to construct this brand. Advancement is our specialty Characteristic ice cream made of new natural products like banana ice cream, staple ice cream, chickoo ice cream, watermelon ice cream, mango ice cream, dry natural products ice cream made of Kaju, Kesar Badam and chocolate ice cream made of wealthy Choco and Max you title it, we made it! We have utilized our conventional qualities in item promoting, brand building and dispersion to develop new and Natural into one of the driving brands within the ice cream advertising.

Investment for Natural Ice Cream Franchise

The climate of the parlor is planned to reflect the values of the Natural Ice-Creams forceful promoting will construct the brand character and fortify the impact of the parlor imagery. The total investment will be around 10 lakhs crores to 14 lakhs. The floor area required is 300 sq ft.

Natural Ice Cream franchise Details

  • Investment  – Minimum 10 lakhs to 14 lakhs.
  • Area requirement – 300 sq ft.
  • ROI: 2 years
  • Royalty Fee: N/A

Benefits/profits of Natural Ice Cream Franchise

Amazingly solid and well built up brand in India
Thanco Natural Ice-Cream s skill in ice creams
Thanco Natural Ice-Cream s commitment to building this brand
Low venture and tall return model
Easy to roll out
Can be moved In case the area isn’t appropriate
Does not require major abilities to function the show cost.

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