Maruti Suzuki Dealership Franchise

Detailed Information

Maruti Suzuki Dealership Franchise

Maruti Suzuki is a name that speaks volumes almost itself. No compose up or introduction is required for this famous brand which is one of the leading car companies in India. Be it in offering four wheelers or the servicing angle, Maruti Suzuki has its possess share of esteem expansion to its clients for decades presently.

The Company that values quality and puts customer fulfillment over each other thing is without an particle of question one of the most excellent four wheeler brand in India.

Maruti Suzuki Dealership Franchise Details

Area Required :  4000 Sq.Ft Approx space required
Investment :
 30 Lac To 50 Lac
Royalty Fee : N/A
Return On Investment : N/A

Documentation process to become Maruti Suzuki Franchise

  • current work details of the person.
  • The intended structure of Franchise organization.
  • Demand Draft for One Lakhs rupees.
  • Credit reports (CIBIL) of the person .
  • Letter from the Banker in the required Pro-forma format indicated by Maruti Suzuki.
  • Complete set of Income Tax details.
  • Wealth Tax returns filed for the period as required by Maruti Suzuki.
  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account for the last 3 years time.
  • Photos of the space year-marked for starting Franchise operations.

Benefits of Maruti Suzuki Franchise

A judicious businessman investigations in profundity some time recently making any sort of venture or fetched to be caused from a commerce bargain. When looked at from this point, getting to be a Maruti Suzuki Establishment is no question a beneficial commerce bargain since it offers so much of esteem expansion to its Franchisees in numerous ways.

The primary esteem expansion a Establishment infers by getting to be a Maruti Suzuki dealer is the brand name which is aiming to complement his business and its development. The moment value expansion that a Establishment gets by getting to be a Maruti Suzuki dealer is the improved benefit the tremendous brand brings with it.

The third esteem expansion that Maruti Suzuki offers to its Franchise is the help it gives on all angles counting the preparing given to the Franchise workers which specifically contributes to expanded sales volumes.

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