Mahindra First Choice Franchise

Detailed Information

Mahindra First choice

Used car Company in India. The brand is established if we say that Mahindra First Choice is recognised as the No. 1 brand in dealing with various brands of used cars. Mahindra First Choice used car dealer providing excellent service to its customers.

The high quality cars sold to its client Have make it the preferred selection while the fact is there is not direct competition to Mahindra First choice. While many aspire to become a Franchise to Mahindra First Option , we nowadays here some pertinent info with regard to the same.

 Investment cost and space requirements

Area Required : 1000 Sq.Ft to park 15 – 20 vehicles.
Investment : 30 Lac Min and 50 Lac Max
Royalty Fee : N/A
Return On Investment : N/A

Benefits of Mahindra First Choice Franchise

Mahindra 1st Choice itself is such an established name in the used car sector that anyone becoming a Franchisee need not spend any movement in building the make name or invest in any marketing activities.

Mahindra First Choice used car certified by CertiFirst which is a highly valued certificate in the used car sector. The Franchise for Mahindra First Choice has the advantage of using the Warrant First offered to all used cable car sold by Mahindra First Choice to its client .

Selling used cars is a difficult business enterprise and getting inclined to mountain with such cars needs some expert guidance. Mahindra First Choice Dealership es gets this guidance automatically by their Franchise.

Mahindra First Choice has well laid processes and a 118 pointers checklist that masking the complete quality aspect , This automatically return care of the quality aspect expanding the customer base of the Franchise automatically.
On the investment scene too, becoming a Mahindra First Choice has tie ups with so many bank across the finance field that getting loan for expansion and establishment becomes an easy affair.
Mahindra First Choice Dealership get heights caliber Training and funding from Mahindra. In fact Trainings are made compulsory to the staff and owners as an effort towards making the Franchise a successful business venture.

Application Process to become Mahindra First Choice Franchise

Fill in the Franchisee application available in Mahindra First Choice website.

Provide correct information which is true in nature since Mahindra has strong systems in place to cross check the information provided by a prospective Franchise. Attach all required documents .Once your application passes through the filtering process you will be called for personal discussions.

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