Liberty Shoes Franchise

Detailed Information

How to Start a Liberty Shoes Franchise in India

Our journey from being a humble 4 sets a day Karnal-based company to getting to be India’s no. 2 footwear brand, has been very exciting. From our 4,000 solid workforces who deliver 50,000 sets each day to our customers who have continuously appeared believe in us, we are thankful to everybody who we have met along the way. Nowadays, with a organize of 400 EBOs and 6,000 MBOs, the, as it were the thing we’d like to include, is that we are as it were a step near to our travel to success. Being one of the foremost effective domestic developed brands of the nation, we have stamped our nearness in over 25 countries and are moreover the primary in India to imagine a multi-brand procedure covering all sections from kids to youth to adults. Our 10 unmistakable sub-brands such as Senorita, Fortune, Lightweight flyers, Force10, Coolers, Footfun, TipTopp, Windsor, Administrator and Warrior proficient adapt, serve a confirmation to the reality that we get it our groups of onlookers and cater to each one of them, reasonable not fair for ordinary but for each event in their life.


Investments in Liberty Shoes Franchise in India

Our well equipped central stockroom can renew cut sizes over the nation inside 7 days, making us the pioneer of footwear retail diversifying in India. It makes a difference us tap the nearby advertise information offranchisehisee and fortify our retail arrange. We have been granted Greatness in Working Productivity by The Financial Times at ET Retail Grants 2013 and conferred Franchisee of The Year Grant by Establishment India three a long time in a push, for creating the finest business demonstrate for diversifying over businesses within the nation, as well as for illustrating brilliance through fruitful operation of fulfilled franchisees. We expected on including 100 outlets each year over India and becoming an INR 1000 Crore company, with indeed greater plans for the longer term.

Liberty Franchise Details

Area required: 1000 Sq. Ft.
Investment: 20 lakh to 30 lakh rupees
Royalty fees: N/A
Return on Investment: 50%

Benefits of Liberty Franchise in India

  • Franchisee preparing is done On-site and a few sessions at Head Office Field help is additionally available
  • Experts from head office will too help in setting up the franchise
  • Marketing & notice assistance

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