Kwality Walls Franchise

Detailed Information

Kwality Walls franchise

Kwality Walls is famous all over India for its tasty Ice creams and the Fame it has earned. Most of the youths spend their time in Kwality Walls Ice Cream Parlours with their friends more often. Kwality Walls Brings out their Fame to be spread across the world through proving franchise in India. Kwality Walls was established in 1995 and started franchising from the year 2003. Kwality Walls is one of the ventures of Hindustan Unilever Limited.


Investment in Opening Kwality Walls franchise in India

Kwality Walls franchise will be a good opportunity for franchise owners for running up the business profitably. The Kwality Walls Ice Cream Parlour franchise cost ranges from 2 to 6 Lakhs. Kwality Walls franchise is known for its tasty coffee and its standard they maintain which is Incomparable for other Ice cream brands. Kwality Walls offer two types of franchise namely swirls and ice cream parlors based on area availability.

Kwality Walls Franchise Details

Area required: 100 to 150 Sq. Ft.
Investment: 2 to 5 Lakhs
Royalty fees: 200%
Return on Investment: N/A

Benefits of choosing Kwality Walls franchise in India

Kwality Walls Ice Cream Parlour is where people spend their most of the time tasting the real flavours of Ice creams that would brainstorm peoples mind. Kwality Walls maintains its standards prices. The youths are attracted mainly for relaxing or stress reliever by having the cool, tasty Ice creams.

Kwality Walls is one of the best ways of choosing a franchise because of its brand, People recognize Kwality Walls faster when compared to other Branded Icecream shops. Kwality Walls is more profitable on the Business side.

Kwality Walls Ice Cream Parlours are overall a Stress Reliever place for so many people. Its a gathering of Students, Employers, Old age people. People taste the best Ice Creams from Kwality Walls which could relax their tensions and make them energetic.