Keventers Milk Shake Franchise

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Keventers Milk Shake Franchise

Keventers was begun in 1922 by Edward Keventer, which had four manufacturing plants in Delhi, Calcutta, Aligarh, and Darjeeling. In 1940, he sold all his manufacturing plants to three proprietors. Delhi and Aligarh plant was sold to Smash Krishna Dalmiya who is the granddad of my accomplice. From 1940-1980s, we were essentially the producers of the drain, drain powders, rolls, ice creams etc. The manufacturing plant was in Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri. Shockingly, the plant got closed down in the 80s as Malcha Marg got changed over into a conciliatory zone. For the final 10-15 a long time, we weren’t working at all and the trade was run by merchants and franchisees as it were.

Investments in Keventers Franchise in India

The milkshakes chains and drinkers entering the commerce situation see as it were gigantic welcome and prosper within the showcase effectively. In any case, when it comes to the milkshake industry quality makes a most extreme difference since any compromise within the same can cause destruction to the well being of individuals.

Keventers Franchise Details

Area required: 100 to 250 Sq. Ft.
Investment: 10 lakh to 20 lakh rupees
Royalty fees: N/A
Return on Investment: 12-13lakh

Benefits of Keventers Franchise in India

The company is expanding its business outside India and is also preparing itself for international expansion. It’ main objective is to reach all the beverage lovers across India.
So, if you are interested in a Milkshake franchise, you can too start a Keventers Franchise.

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