Kanva Fashions Franchise in India

Detailed Information

Kanva Fashions Franchise in India

Kanva fashions are one of the top leading Fashion Clothing company in India. Kanva fashions started its business from 2002 and established its territory in more than 30 cities. In 2004 the Kanva fashions started giving its franchise to boost their business. Kanva fashions franchise is popular all over India for their quality clothing and fashionable wares.

Kanva fashions now own more than 100 + outlets across India. People are showing more interest in Investing in the clothing business and making a profit out it. Kanva fashion is the best platform for taking a franchise on lesser Investment. Kanva fashions gain more profit from their popularity of quality products they sell.

kanvaInvestment for Kanva Fashions Franchise in India

Kanva fashions are one of the clothing franchise which is easily affordable to the people who are ready to investing a smaller amount in making the profitable business. Kanva fashions is really a great place invest on to make the profit from the clothing business. Investment may vary from 2 to 5 lakhs on purchasing Kanva fashions franchise.

Kanva Fashions Franchise Details

Area required: 500 – 1000 Sq. Ft.
Investment: 2 lakh to 5 lakh rupees
Royalty fees: 10%
Return on Investment: 15%

Benefits of Becoming a Kanva Fashions Franchise in India

Kanva fashion is really a business that could drive the profit easily without any risk. Pople nowadays spends more of their earnings to their outlooks. Kanva fashions sell all type of clothing to people. Kanva fashions surround kids to old age people in their clothing style. They provide quality materials to their customers. Offers are the main thing for which people are mainly attracted towards Kanva fashions. Channel Partner India help people who are looking for purchasing Kanva fashions franchise online

Choosing Kanva mart is a great benefit to people who are planning to invest less and gaining high profit on clothing business. Kanva maintains its brand name and fame in all the aspects. Kanva fashions franchise targets more on kids wear and youths. Kanva fashions are the family treat for shopping clothes to an entire family in a single outlet

Apply for Kanva Fashions Franchise Online or by Contacting Nearest Kanva fashions Head office. The interested dealer should provide required details like individual profile, floor space of franchise, Investment plans.

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