EuroKids Franchise

Detailed Information

EuroKids Franchise

EuroKids is the primary of its kind preschools in India with Worldwide Guidelines and is among the best 5 preschool chains in India. With almost 884 preschools in 311 towns and cities over India, EuroKids is rapidly gaining notoriety as the primary and the foremost sought-after preschool franchise within the nation today.
EuroBooks, a division of EuroKids Universal Ltd could be a pioneer in the children’s book section in India. This division has brought numerous universally recognized brands like Noddy, Barbie and a few others into the lives of the children.

EuroKidsInvestment for EuroKids Franchise

EuroKids offers you this opportunity with a starting speculation of INR 10-15 lakhs, which incorporates the start-up establishment expense and the climate and gear costs for the school. They require the premises on the ground floor, which features a floor zone of at slightest 2000 sq. ft. with an open-air area. They have a standard establishment assertion with a term period of 3 a long time. The establishment understanding is renewable.

EuroKids franchise Details

  • Investment  – Minimum 10 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs
  • Area requirement – 2000 Sq. Ft.
  • ROI: 3 Years
  • Royalty Fee: N/A

Benefits/profits of EuroKids Franchise

Franchisees get a broad preparing program on the commerce techniques for owning and working a fruitful Pre-School.

Franchisees and their staff individuals get an introductory as well as nonstop preparing for the EuroKids educational modules and the conveyance method. Good returns on venture

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