Ekart Logistics Franchise

Detailed Information

Ekart Logistics Franchise

Ekart Logistics Franchise is India’s popular courier service provider. Ekart is India’s biggest coordination and supply chain company conveying 10 million shipments a month to 3800+ stick codes. EKART conveys on a reliable fabulousness in shopper encounter by conveying dependably and overseeing inconstancy at scale. With a recharged mission of changing centre supply chain through innovation, Ekart is presently advertising the same suggestion to Brands, Vendors, Stages and Customers exterior of the Flipkart Group.


They are the Flipkart’s group. Other than that, they have gotten to be a person brand exterior of the Flipkart group. For steady conveyance benefit, individuals are getting included in their franchise business. The franchise program is exceptionally beneficial and the company itself may be a rumoured company
Investment for Ekart Logistics Franchise

Ekart lets you select ace establishment or backup establishment. Both have great winning potential. But on the off chance that you go for the ace establishment it’ll cost little high as comparing subsidiary franchise

Ekart Franchise Cost Details

Area required: 400 sqft to 600 SqFt
Investment: 50,000 to  1 lakh appx
Royalty fees: N/A
Return on Investment: N/A

The Franchise agreement period is between 3 to 4 years. You can renew the term at any time.

Since Ekart doesn’t acknowledge any online application Form, you don’t have any choice to send your establishment to ask. Manually you will have to send your ask to them.

Benefits of Ekart Logistics Franchise

Sometime recently including with any company, you ought to know the extreme establishment benefits. It’ll assist you to begin and oversee your establishment commerce. For Ekart trade we would like to advise you that, eKart a straightforward secure and most solid courier service supplier in India.

They give total preparing and commerce support The investment fetched isn’t too high, you’ll be able, to begin with, negligible security store money Simple terms and conditions makes a difference you to get it their commerce policy Shipment administrations available in all popular cities in India Customer fulfillment is the most need, subsequently you get Express conveyance benefit option. Get the higher return on each transaction Best innovation and computerized system maintenance benefits from them.

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