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Dosa Plaza franchise

Breakfast Plays an important role Indian’s Life. The day starts with the breakfast, people love to take light food in their breakfast which keeps them active and healthy. Dosa Plaza serves tasty and healthy breakfast to their customers. Dosa is not only eaten for breakfast even there are people who eat dosa for lunch, Tea time and dinner too. Dosa Plaza is the place where the dosa is prepared in well-conditioned kitchens with fresh and healthy materials for serving good quality foods to hungry customers. Dosa is considered to be a default breakfast in many hotels, Dosa holds a 100 years of history in breakfast list.


Investment on Opening Dosa Plaza franchise in India

Dosa Plaza has two types of franchise variants for franchise seekers. One is Dining Restaurant and the other one is Food court express.

Owning of Food Court franchise would require investment in the range of 45 to 50 Lakhs. Area required for Food court franchise is 400 square feet.
Owning a Dosa Plaza dining restaurant has an investment range of 40 to 50 Lakhs. Area required for franchise Dosa plaza is 1500 sq. ft. Overall Dosa Plaza franchise charges 8 Lakhs for setting up the Dosa Plaza franchise.

Dosa Plaza Franchise Details

Area required: 400 to 1500 Sq. Ft.
Investment: 40 to 50 Lakhs
Royalty fees: 8% of annual sales
Return on Investment: N/A

Benefits of choosing Dosa Plaza franchise in India

Dosa Plaza got established in 1998 at Mumbai and today it own is business across 12 states in India. Dosa Plaza holds a fame of one of the best Indian Food Restaurant for many decades. Dosa plaza made people go mad on their food they prepare, therefore its one of the favorite spot for many Indians every day.

Dosa Plaza has grown to a certain phase where its franchises are increasing by 10 to 15 per year and spreading their business in different places of India. Dosa Plaza also has a plan to provide ventures for abroad too. Tasty Dosa made Dosa Plaza a popular place to stomach fill the varieties of dosa irrespective of time in a day. Dosa Plaza is all over trending for food streets and food courts. People are in love with different dosas as well as Dosa Plaza.

Dosa Plaza has a record of preparing 140 tasty Dos varieties every day to sweep all the hunger of their customers. Huge sales made Dosa Plaza to hold high standard qualtiy food to their customers. Dosa Plazas are always a major Dosa selling point where people love to taste all varieties of Dosas in the franchise. Apply online to become a Dosa Plaza franchise in India.

Dosa tastes vary on different varities as well as there is no age comparision for tasting mouth watering dosa. Dosa are not only famous in India, It also made other country people love the taste of its flavour. Choosing Dosa Plaza to start a franchise would be the best oppurtunity one can get to start a profitable business.