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Baskin Robbins franchise in India

Choosing Icecream business would be an all-time business because all age people would love icecreams irrespective of occasions. Baskin Robbins prepares tasty and delicious flavored ice creams. Even on high competition, the Baskin Robbins Icecreams stands out of the crowd. Choosing Baskin Robbins Franchise is the best way to make a profitable business in lesser time.


Investments for Baskin Robbins franchise in India

Baskin Robbins is an Indian based company which has spread its fame in all SAARC regions countries. Baskin Robbins first branch was opened in Mumbai in 1993. Today Baskin Robbins holds a history of 500+ franchises in India and 5600 retail outlets outside India. Baskin Robbins offers 3 types of a franchise to the people who are interested based on the franchise area with varying Investments. Investing on Baskin Robbins will never be a loss in today business. The return on investment may be expected from 2 to 2.5 years of starting the franchise. Channel Partner helps the people who want to buy the franchise to boost up their business in India by Investing in the proper business.

Baskin Robbins franchise details in India

Area required: 100- 500 Sq. Ft.
Investment: 10 – 20 lakh rupees
Royalty fees: N/A
Return on Investment: 2.5 years

Benefits of Purchasing a Baskin Robbins franchise in India

Baskin Robbins is highly franchised in Malls and Multiplexes across the country. Baskin Robbin’s company ice creams are sold over private ice cream parlors. India being the temperature varying country where summer is severe comparingly. Who wouldn’t taste the tasty ice creams and Yoghurts? in Summer hot season. Baskin Robbins runs their business with more profit from favorable climatic conditions that make people visit ice cream parlors more often.

Apply online to buy Baskin Robbins franchise in India easily. Baskin Robbins monitors the Individual details of the franchise seeker and contact them on extending the franchise. fill up the simple details to become a Baskin Robbins franchise owner today.